Kone Kone

Audio-visual electronic music project that draws upon South Asia's great repertoires of popular culture from 1933-2000.

Kone Kone produces electronic music that draws upon South Asia’s great repertoires of popular culture from 1933-2000. Each Kone Kone work is both audio and visual. Film sequences, found footage, and original video are cut simultaneously to their respective audio to create new media compositions. By reworking film vis-à-vis music production techniques, Kone Kone is a new route into old media, and is an approach to electronic music rooted in explorations of Indian musical practices. Kone Kone’s concerts employ turntablism and controllerism to perform audiovisual works as well as improvise new pieces, and a typical 90-minute set spans tempos ranging from 70 to 200 beats per minute.


Desiree Saldanha // desiree@thirdculture.in // +91 9930320436

Siddhant Shetty // siddhant@thirdculture.in // +91 9765896821