The last few years have seen India’s youth welcome the proliferation of electronic music with open arms. With the scales tipping in favour of DJs for reasons of viability – as well as a marked change in audience tastes – live performances and indie bands invariably took the backseat. In their wake rose grimy, dimly-lit dance floors crammed with burgeoning crowds, hungry for a taste of new sounds. However, for many of us, there was a palpable downside to this shift that we couldn’t resign ourselves to accept as “the new normal”.

Enter Neon East Festival: an idea that found its roots in our streaming playlists. The end result is a stellar lineup of today’s most relevant live acts and DJs, performing side-by-side on alternating stages to form a synchronous tag team. Nestled in the heart of bustling Mumbai, featuring an immersive, retro-futuristic backdrop, one can be assured a global-caliber festival experience, right here, in their own city. 

For its future editions, Neon East will continue to drive the current of international artists who view India as a ripe and viable stage, as well as persistently reimagine what a festival can offer its audience.

Festival website: neoneastfest.com