Yung Raja
Singaporean breakthrough artiste Yung Raja has been dubbed Southeast Asia’s next avant-garde bilingual hip hop star, known for his tasteful unification of Western and Tamil culture in his lyrics.
Dr. Trinetra Gummaraju
Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju is a digital content creator and doctor, currently completing her medical training. Through powerful imagery, writing, art and other means of expression, she delves into realities of queer lives in India with a pinch of sass to an audience of over 120,000.
In her honeyed vocal style that’s informed by artists such as Jorja Smith and Kali Uchis, Kayan’s always singing stories. With a keen determination towards levelling up and expanding her audience, it’s this very flow of enthusiastic energy that makes Kayan one to watch.
Represents a forged alliance with those making alternative electronic music in previously uncharted territories.
Spacejams is Yohann Jamsandekar, from the island city of Bombay. His wide-ranging selections and mercurial mixing style induce raucous, high-energy sets that detonate the dance floor.
A production and DJ duo who perpetually create and curate some of the freshest, most forward-thinking music.
Kone Kone
Audio-visual electronic music project that draws upon South Asia's great repertoires of popular culture from 1933-2000.
Possessed by the desire to art-direct one's own sobbing self portrait, to make sure his mascara smears in the most perfectly dishevelled way. But who cares what's "real" when the music delivers a truth you can see.  
Sarathy Korwar
We live in divisive times. Multiculturalism rises hand-in-hand with racial tensions, and politicians seem powerless to even bring people within earshot of their convoluted message. It's time for a different perspective.
Bhavishyavani Future Soundz
We don't build spaceships. We are spaceships.